Introducing... IMPACT Blog!

Welcome and thank you for visiting our first post here on “Impact.”

Why Read Impact Blog Posts?

Communication is the weakest link in many church congregations, and a blog is one way to strengthen good communication among members. Think of it as a mini-newspaper without the advertisements!

What Can You expect from Impact?

The content will likely change over time, but here is a short list of some areas we plan to touch on:

  • Following-up on a sermon from our pastor

  • Connecting our past to our present and our future

  • Discussing Biblical answers to family issues

  • Encouraging concepts of how to be Christ in our neighborhood

  • Looking in-depth at our FBC mission statement

When Will New Posts Be Available?

In the beginning, we plan to publish a new post every other Friday. The frequency may change after we are up and running.

How Will You Be Able to Respond and Share YOUR Thoughts?

There will be a “Comments” space at the end of each post. Please let us know what you think, good or bad. Hearing from our readers is the most valuable resource we have for improving our work.