My First Visit to FBCH

What should I expect?

Welcome to Impact Blog! As you can see from the title, this edition is created for anyone who’s considering a first-time visit to our church. Maybe you’re new in town. Or maybe you’ve felt an urge to become involved in church again. Maybe you’ve never been to church before and want to check it out. Whatever your story, you are invited to join us as we worship and serve Jesus Christ.

We know you’re smart enough to figure things out as you go along, but if you’d like, use the basic information here to give you and your family a head start in learning about FBC Hartselle.

Where should I park?

Our main worship building faces Woodland Street. Most people arrive by driving along Sparkman Street (east side of campus) or Corsbie Street (west side of campus), both of which intersect with Woodland Street. By parking in either the east or west side lot, you can walk directly into our Welcome Center. That’s the quickest way to get lots of information and find your way around.

Regardless of where you decide to park, there’ll be greeters and well-placed signage to make getting to the right place quick and easy for you.

What if I have children with me?

Any of the greeters you’ll see can point you in the direction of our nearby children’s area. Once there, you’ll be greeted by experienced and well-trained members. You’ll notice right away that an entire wing of the second floor is dedicated to children. It’s centrally located so that whether you’re in a Sunday School class or a worship service, the children’s area is always within easy reach.

We take the safety of your child very seriously. That’s why the welcome desk to the children’s wing sits across the entrance and is manned at all times. The door at the other end of the wing is never accessible from the outside.

Upon arrival in the children’s area, people like Dana McCutcheon, Dawn Zanda, and Shirley Hallman will greet your family and sign-in the children. Those children four-years-old and younger receive name tags. Your child will then be escorted down the hallway to the appropriate class where they will remain until your return. Return to this area after Sunday School to retrieve your older children.

During the worship service, babies and toddlers can be cared for in the children’s area. Older children are welcome to sit with you. After the music portion of the service, there is a children’s worship service in the chapel for them to attend. It’s optional, of course.

What can I expect in your worship service?

We have two Sunday morning worship services that both take place at 10:30 AM. In the main sanctuary, you’ll find a traditional service with a choir where the music consists almost entirely of familiar hymns. It’s led by our Minister of Music and Senior Adults, Charles Shaddix; he is accompanied by a pianist and keyboardist. The sermon is delivered live in this service.

The other service which we call “Ignite” takes place in the Fellowship Hall. Here, the worship time is led by a worship team consisting of singers, a keyboard, guitars, and drums. The worship team is led by Jan Byrd. The music in this service offers contemporary songs and encourages interactive participation. After the music, you’ll watch the sermon via a live simulcast from the sanctuary.

Do people dress a certain way on Sunday mornings?

FBC Hartselle is a multi-generational congregation. On Sundays, we range from bed babies to baby boomers and beyond. The dress styles vary as well from a traditional suit and tie to blue jeans. Most of us dress in a casual style somewhere between those extremes. Ties are in the minority, and many men wear a polo shirt and casual slacks. Ladies’ attire varies, too, from dresses to casual pants.

We hope you’ll find our focus to be much more on helping you encounter and worship Jesus than on what you may be wearing!

How can I learn more about FBC or get connected?

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a worship guide from your greeter. Inside you’ll find lots of current information, including what’s happening in the upcoming week and a place to write notes as you listen to the sermon. Please fill out the “Connections Card” inside the guide, then bring it out to the Welcome Center after the service and receive a gift bag that we’ve prepared for you to take home.

We promise not to visit your home unless you ask us to, but we will use the information to mail you a letter to help you learn more about us.  

No matter which service you choose to attend, we encourage you to interact with others afterward and introduce yourself to our Pastor.

How can I become more involved?

From time to time we offer a Starting Point Luncheon. It’s designed to help visitors and new members get to know each other during a provided meal. You’ll hear from the pastor and other staff members and get to know them better. Plus, you’ll get some printed material with details about ways you can get involved.

The next Starting Point Luncheon will be held soon! These luncheons immediately follow our Sunday morning worship! We’ll provide lunch and childcare if needed. It helps us plan and prepare when we know of your interest in attending, so please go here and sign up online. Or, call the church office if you prefer.

We’re excited about seeing you soon at First Baptist Church in Hartselle!