What to do to Join FBCH

Eventually, everyone who visits our church comes to the point of decision. We believe God is involved in that decision. We believe it’s no accident that you walked through our doors to attend a worship service, a Sunday School class, or some other event.

We believe that in His timing, you will sense God leading you to join our congregation or to seek His will at another church. We encourage you to prayerfully sense whatever His will is for you and your family as you make this extremely important decision.

So, how does a person join FBC Hartselle?

We recently invited some friends over to our home for dinner. Somehow GPS misled them, and they resorted to calling us for directions. The first question we asked was, “Where are you now?” That same kind of information in a spiritual sense is needed to answer the question of how to join our church. Let’s look at some examples of where a potential member might be spiritually.

“I recently put my trust in Jesus, and I know He’s forgiven me of my sins, and I’m going to Heaven when I die.”

Congratulations! That is truly good news! Please share it with our pastor or another staff member so we can help you take your first step of obedience to Christ’s command to be baptized.

We believe the Bible clearly teaches baptism by immersion in water which comes after a person has experienced salvation. That means baptism is a picture of what’s already happened. In fact, baptism shows the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as well as the spiritual death (to sin), burial (of the former way of life), and resurrection (to a new life in Christ) of the new believer.

By being baptized during a worship service, a new believer becomes a member of our church.

“I’m a baptized believer, but my membership is at another Baptist church.”

Great! Just let our staff know of your desire to become a member of FBC Hartselle so the process of membership transfer can begin. Your former church will be notified, our church will approve the transmission at the next business meeting, and you will become a member of FBC Hartselle!

“I’m a believer and a member of another church.”

This one’s a little trickier because of some variations in essential doctrines. Just let your wishes be known and our pastor or another staff member will meet with you to clarify any issues and make sure we’re all on the same page.

How do I make membership official?

When you’re ready to join, you can initiate the process in one of three ways:

  1. Indicate your desire to join by marking the Connect Card and place it in the offering plate during a Sunday morning service.

  2. Make an appointment with our pastor.

  3. Walk down the aisle and share your decision with our pastor or any staff member.

As soon as possible, the congregation will have the privilege of affirming your decision and pledging our support in your walk with Christ.