Who We Are

When you walk onto our campus on a Sunday morning, the landscapes, the mature trees, and the well-kept grounds will create a sense of peace and tranquility. Soon you’ll notice the blend of long-standing traditional buildings and newer, more modern ones which conveys a hint of the vitality of FBC Hartselle.

Our church has a long history dating back to September 1883 when nine believers officially organized Hartselle Baptist Church. This history gives credence to the vitality of our church in our community. We are proud of the fact that what was started by a small group of believers over one hundred years ago is still active today. Our association with the Southern Baptist Convention enables us to effectively expand God’s Kingdom work through cooperation with thousands of Baptist churches locally, nationally, and internationally.

Of course, the church is not a building or a location. The church is a gathering of people who claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. At FBC Hartselle you’ll find people of all ages, representing a wide range of occupations, all with varying backgrounds and exciting experiences.

Hartselle, Alabama, is known as “The City of Southern Hospitality.” We think you’ll agree that FBC Hartselle fits right in with that characteristic. Our people love to worship, fellowship, and serve together. We love our community and strive to stay involved in tangible ways that make Hartselle a great place to live.

Our congregation is quite diverse, but in the midst of this diversity you’ll find that unity and harmony are foundational to who we are because of our shared faith in Biblical doctrines, our singleness of purpose, and our strong leadership. To learn more, check out our “What We Believe” page.

A rich and vibrant past like ours carries over to a bright and exciting future. Biblical preaching and teaching, missions, strong fellowship, and heartfelt praise and worship will always be found at FBC Hartselle. At the same time, like any living organism, we understand the need for continuous reflection and the importance of a growth mindset as the world around us presents new and different needs and challenges.

If you are looking for the opportunity to encounter the living God, grow in your walk with Him, and discover your place to serve, we invite you to visit us. On Sunday mornings small groups (Sunday School classes) meet at 9:15 AM. Then at 10:30 AM, you can choose to attend our traditional service in the main sanctuary or be a part of our “Ignite” contemporary service in the Fellowship Hall. Feel free to visit several Sundays so you can find the right class and service for you and your family. We encourage you to explore and ultimately discover the ministries here that best fit your family’s spiritual needs.

Don’t put it off. Plan now to experience FBC Hartselle this coming Sunday morning.