In THE WORD all year!

The Bible, in and of itself, is a miracle. Think about it — over centuries of time, God supernaturally moved upon a number of men’s hearts, resulting in them writing down the exact words of God. God then led His people to recognize these divine writings and to distinguish them from everything else that has ever been written. Then God’s people brought these 66 books together. The preservation and survival of the Bible is as miraculous as its writing. Then God gave men technological knowledge to copy and transmit the Bible so that all people could have it. All of this took place because God has something to say to you.

Join us this year as we read through the Bible together. We’re challenging our entire church to participate in the The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan, which will walk us chronologically through the Bible by reading just a few chapters a day for 5 days a week. Then, join us every weekend as we journey further into THE WORD as Pastor Clayton shares valuable insights from it each week. We’re confident that intentionally walking through God’s Word will challenge you like never before.

How Can I Participate?

There are several ways to use this plan:

  • Print out The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan. Put it in your Bible, and check the boxes as you go along. 
  • Read along at This allows you to keep track of your reading plan on your computer, iPhone, and/or iPad. And they talk to each other. So, when you do your reading on your phone, it also keeps track of your progress on your computer and iPad and vice versa. It's that cloud thing at work!